Common Methods To Encourage African American Hair Growth

A principal reason many African American women have problems with hair growth lies in the products they use. Most African American females apply shampoos that contain alcohol combined with petroleum jelly and too many sulfates. As an alternative for that it's better not to use such detrimental hair conditioners, you could try buying a non-chemical…
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Are Natural Hair Care Products Just A Myth?

It may be very difficult to find the right natural hair care products to suit your needs. This problem arises mostly with those people who, most of the times work with hair textures of different sorts over a long period of time. Very often do they get frustrated as they do not find the right…
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Basic Natural Hair Care Tips .

Many hair care products on the market today contain chemicals that can cause damage to the hair. Hairsprays contain alcohol that dries out the hair and scalp that can lead to split ends. Shampoos have been known to strip the hair of natural oils so critical for a healthy luster and shine. Generally speaking, we…
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