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Common Methods To Encourage African American Hair Growth

A principal reason many African American women have problems with hair growth lies in the products they use. Most African American females apply shampoos that contain alcohol combined with petroleum jelly and too many sulfates. As an alternative for that it's better not to use such detrimental hair conditioners, you could try buying a non-chemical…
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Keeping African hair beautiful at Anne hair braiding

Hair is a composition of many things including dead skin cells, and it can be dehydrated and willed with proteins that are insoluble. Your hair grows from follicles that are below your scalp and the growth ranges from hair to hair. African hair is no different and Anne hair braiding salon understands your hair inside…
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African American Skin Care – 3 Tips For Better Skin

The goal of this article is to educate African American's about African American Skin Care. If you were to leave it up to the major skin care companies, they would much rather you believe that all skin care products are created equal.If you were to believe most skin care companies, you would believe that all…
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